Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services

Securities Group has successfully established an investment philosophy, which has consistently commanded the goodwill of a wide and solid client base.

Portfolio Management Services

Securities Group Company's portfolio management division provides world-class management services to our clients. Our services is to provide professional advice on investment opportunities locally and regionally, ensuring our clients make informed decisions. Our portfolio management has a responsibility to maximize the performance and value of a company’s portfolio of various investment assets that are managed by our professional teams.


Direct Investments

Our Direct Investment Department is responsible for Securities Group Company's proprietary investments and manages and monitors a diversified portfolio of mid to long-term direct investments with a strategic presence in the market.

Client Portfolios

Securities Group is a Kuwait based investment management company, established on the 24th October 1981 with assets under management of approximately 2 Billion US Dollars.

The Group is an industry leader in portfolio management and Investment Advisory.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our investment process focuses on stock selection and is supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis by a team of experts. We have an investor-first approach, seeking to provide them with the best opportunities to create wealth.

Non-discretionary Portfolio Management

We offer our valued clients reliable and cost-efficient safeguarding of their assets along with the fulfillment of administrative duties. For those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments.